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  • This wiki has recently been set up. There are probably typographic and editing errors, please feel free to change them (Click on 'edit'. Make your changes. Save.). One or two pages may be missing their external references. One or two references or footnotes may be missing, but I think I have caught them all.
  • Themes threading through the essays are being implemented.
  • The issue of tagging pages for content is only partly addressed.
  • I am currently working to develop the next level where the summaries of the earlier main sections come together to create a workable programme of spiritual craftsmanship.

Welcome to Answering that of God.

This wiki site started out as an entry in Friends Quarterly's essay competition in 2009 on The Future of The Society of Friends in Britain. Changes made after 30th November 2009 are not part of the original competition submission.

I quickly relised that the essay could never be finished for two reasons: the Society is continually changing and my personal ideas are also continually moving. I also realised that the essay needed to be interactive, with other people commenting, disagreeing and adding more material. For this a Wiki Site is much better than the conventional fixed, linear essay.

The site is a top-down, hierarchically structured collection of essays in layers. There is an About area which gives some background to the essay and a discussion of the wiki site. There are Summaries, a presentation summary of spiritual craftsmanship and a Short Version of the main body of the essay. The main body begins with the Title page, which is a map of the essay and is divided into five sections each containing a number of essays. The essays may be read independently or in sequence.
The next level is to be about how to implement spiritual craftsmanship for oneself and in ones society.

There are topic Themes threading through the essays.

Your comments

At the bottom of each page you can add your comment on the page.

Navigation through the essay site

Click on terms highlighted in red to jump to a page on that topic.
At the end of the page there are signposts to where you might go next. Or you can use the sidebar menu to change direction.
You can travel up or down the levels or along the level where you feel comfortable.

Starting points

1 You could take a quick look at the Summaries.

2 You could take a quick look at the essay through a Presentation I gave to my local Quaker Meeting.

3 Then you could start with the Title page and then follow the hyperlinks to drill down to a level of detail that you feel comfortable with and then follow the next and pervious hyperlinks to read essay pages at that level.

4 If you don't want to read the main body of the essay, you coud try the short-version.

5 You could go to the About page and then browse the various background topics that appeal to you.

6 You could go to the Themes page and then follow which ever theme takes your fancy weaving through the essays.


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