Am I Qualified


The competition is open to those who have “an interest in Quakers and Quakerism” and who “have informed views about Quakers and Quakerism”.

Here I set out briefly my contact with the Society for the reader to judge whether I meet the qualifications and whether my essay is eligible to enter the competition.

I think it is fair to say that I have some knowledge and experience of Quakers and Quakerism. I have enough interest to respond to The Friends Quarterly invitation.

I was brought up in Quaker family in the post second world war period. I am a third generation Quaker, father of a fourth generation Quaker and grandfather to two fifth generation Quakers.

I attended a Quaker school. I was an active Young Friend. I was married under the care of the Meeting. I have been an active member of eight local meetings and two yearly meetings. I have served as elder, warden and on nominations and premises committees. I have served on management committees and contributed to Quaker peace and gambling concerns. I have been a member of an intentional Quaker community. I have attended conferences and courses at Woodbrooke over a period of at least 40 years. I first contributed to The Friend in 1959, most recently in 2009.

I have not served as clerk or treasurer. Nor have I served on any central committee or as part of a Friends House department. Much of my information has been absorbed as it were by osmosis rather than by systematic study. My information and my experience are limited and not well rounded. Therefore my views may be biased or unbalanced. Academic, well-read and convinced Friends might consider my scholarship inadequate, my experience of the Society narrow.

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