Some brief notes on the essay competition - originally for my guidance as an author.

Sponsored by Friends Quarterly.

Launched at BYM/YMG 2009.

Subject: The Future of the Religious Society of Friends in Britain.

Inspired by John Stephenson Rowntree’s winning essay in a comparable competition in 1859.

“In 1859, John Stephenson Rowntree won a prize put up by an anonymous donor for his essay on Quakerism past and present. His analysis made a real difference to Quakerism in Britain, setting in motion the process which led to the Manchester Conference in 1895 and the spiritual and practical renewal of the Religious Society”
Association with Stephenson Rowntree’s essay and its consequences implies that Quakerism today is in a comparable state of crisis.

Open to Friends and others.

Invitation to “Set out their analysis of the present state of the Religious Society, and to look towards its future, in a contemporary version of an essay.”

What can you say today that will guide Quakerism in Britain over the coming decades.

The judges: members of the RSoF, attenders, general public.

Comments on the competition were in in The Friend, 13/7/2009 and 7/8/2009.

Entries There were 106 entries "diverse in theme, content and format."

The winners were announced in the Friends Quarterly edition of February 2010. My essay was not one of them - disappointing but not unexpected.


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