The media like literature is a linear medium. Its about stories, drama, entertainment. The news media in addition provides information, and incidentally might help to mould views an insights. It becomes pernicious and dangerous when it assumes the role of guardian of the public morals.

What it does not do is expose the how and why of the behaviour, tactics and strategies behind or underlying the events reported. After all they are mundane and boring and anyway it’s too difficult.

I am beginning to explore how one might expose the activities of a craftsman and make them interesting at least for a few minutes to an audience. Applied to social interactions, this goes beyond Hamlet’s soliloquy and The Archers’ everyday story of country folk, and takes a hard look at Charlie Chaplin’s antics.

As well as portraying and exploring spiritual craftsmanship in the media, spiritual craftsmanship has the ability and responsibility to deal with emerging social activities like email, blogg-osphere, social networking, texting, and so on.

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