Quaker Landscape

I see spiritual craftsmanship as adding another dimension to Quaker Quest, to Becoming Friends, to our business meetings and to the work of our central committees.

As I see it, spiritual craftsmanship gives us tools, methods and knowledge that add substance to how we implement Advices and Queries, how we reach the stage of being able to discern in a business meeting and how we follow through with a decision once made, how we appoint and care for people in the service of the Society.

Spiritual craftsmanship gives workers sent out by QPSW the means to work with people sat the coal-face of social issues.

It gives Quaker Life a new opportunity for development of resources that will lead to greater effectiveness of our Quaker life and experience and to even better support for wardens, elders, overseers and children’s committees.

For the Quaker centres it ads a new focus for research, training and healing.

This leads directly into my vision of Quakers in the future.

Next Vision

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