Social Issues

The poor and taxes are always with us. Working with passion and commitment on the social issues of the day have been the hallmark of Quakers since the earliest days of tithes and persecution. In recent years, as central committees know only too well, the issues and the work to be done has increased and the available resources of money time and people has decreased.

Personally, I have never really felt drawn or committed to any one issue or movement more than another. All the issues are important in different ways. As I looked at them and thought about what goes on, I began to realise that they all come down to one-to-one, personal relationships – with the beggar in the street, the corporate boardroom, big-time diplomacy or small-time community politics.

With naive idealism, it seems to me that if one could make the one-to-one behaviours better, faster, more effective, longer lasting, more satisfying that would enable us to move on all the social problems not just tinker around with them through law or economics. Crafting our behaviour and our relationships might move us forward here.

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