Spiritual Craftsmanship

My central, core idea is spiritual craftsmanship.
It comes from putting practical craftsmanship together with spiritual experience. From this I arrived directly at the notion of a spiritual Quaker and a master craftsman, hence a Master Quaker, who has mastered the craft of spiritual relationships and uses it to “… mend the world.”

In arriving here I rejected a focus on any one social issue – peace, justice, poverty, globalisation, whatever. I was looking for one single thing that would move all those issues forward to a positive resolution, and one that would deal with future, un-imagined issues and crises. This comes as close to a “silver bullet” as we are ever likely to achieve.

I am not pointing to a solution. Rather I am pointing in a direction which, if followed, will lead to solutions to these and other problems, to a mended and restored world.

The notion is not new. Mosaic law is grounded in the relationship between ourselves and God (“Thou shalt have no other Gods before Me”) and between ourselves (such as “Thou shalt not covet.” “Honour thy father and mother.”). Christianity has the same foundation (Love God, and thy neighbour as thy self) and adds the third relationship – my relationship with myself. In Quakerism, our whole book of Christian Discipline is about our worship; how we conduct our affairs corporately and individually; how we (should) behave and our experience of the world.

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