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There are several themes threading through this work. They weave together touching and knotting at various points. This page allows you to pick up a thread and follow it across the network of ideas and thoughts.

As the work evolves no doubt there will be more threads to follow. For now these are the threads I have started. Some threads that in general one might expect to find are Business, management, organization


My journey includes

  1. Preamble
  2. How I got here, some of my background that might be helpful
  3. My Quakerism


I see science as one of several ways to Search for truth. Two aspects of science feature in this essay: the body of knowledge accumulated by science and the methods used by science to accumulate that knowledge, I use the body of knowledge in
# A theory of everything
# Evolution and the why question
# What is Human?
# Being human about being human

The body of knowledge and the methods of science have application in practical Craftsmanship and the idea of crafting personal and Social Relationship.

I apply the methods of science in many places but most obviously in Decision making craftsmanship in a corporate setting.


I introduce mysticism as a characteristic of Quakerism (mystical. Mysticism is integral to the Nuts and bolts of Meeting for Worship, but I am critical of The Magic of Discernment and how we reach decisions in Business Integrity and appoint people to jobs in Quaker Nominations. I feel it retains a critical place in Decision Making Craftsmanship


In one sense the whole essay is about community, the community of Quakers and the communities in which we live. {This topic needs thorough treatment throughout the essays}


I address teh question of conducting teh business of the Quaker community in Business Integrity and again in Decision Making Craftsmanship. It is not explicit but is implied in and I think integral to my Vision For Quakerism.


Truth and the Search For Truth is fundamental to all the essays. {This topic needs a rigorous and explicit treatment.}


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