I see the Quakers of the Future as catalysts in peoples’ relationships.

Through improving our interpersonal relationships we can create a better world.

This is what I have tried to capture in Answering that of God.

Spiritual craftsmanship will give us the means to implement our principles and realise our moral, spiritual objectives. It enables us to develop wisdom, judgement, caring and support more effectively and more spiritually that we do now.
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As a professional I subscribe to the codes of ethical conduct that respect the rights and privileges of people. Similarly as a Quaker, I treat everyone as equal before God. But there are dangers, both moral and practical, in working with real-life personal relationships. One cannot put people and personal relationships into a laboratory as one can physical objects and chemicals. One must have careful training, strict codes of conduct, sensitive supervision, sound and careful research in the field.

Quakers have a sound grounding in moral and ethical behaviour in the sight of God and a long history and experience of working with personal relationships. It is well placed, perhaps uniquely so, to provide the ethical community environment required for spiritual craftsmanship. Certainly the commercial, and public bodies cannot provide it. In my view the traditional Christian churches and other religions are not as well orientated.

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